April JALT Event in Fukuoka



Teaching an Internet Course


Bill Pellowe


Sunday, April 18, 1999


2:00 to 5:00


Aso Foreign Language Travel College
Hakataekiminami 2-12-24
(10 minutes from Hakata Station on foot
- see the map in English or see the map in Japanese for details)


Free for JALT members. 1000 yen for non-JALT members.


Kevin O'Leary, phone: 0942-32-0101, 0942-22-2221 (fax), oleary@oleary.net

This practical workshop is mainly intended for teachers who plan to use or teach the Internet in their English classes. It may also be useful for teachers who themselves would like an introduction to the Internet. The 3 hour afternoon will be divided into three parts.

(1) How do we introduce students to using the Internet?
Participants will have the opportunity to use several of the on-line Internet tutorial materials which the presenter has created to introduce his students to the Internet. The focus of the materials is on learning through experience. Step by step, students are guided by illustrations and simple English to learn the basics of using the Internet. Each "chapter" of instruction is followed by a practical exercise which provides additional practice and experience. Portions of these materials have been used by other teachers in courses and workshops in Japan, Korea, North America, and Australia, and they have been highlighted (by others) at teacher conventions and in journal articles. This section of the workshop may also appeal to teachers who have little to no experience using the Internet.
(2) Internet-based Activities and Projects
This section of the workshop is a demonstration and explanation of one type of project activity which the presenter's students carry out. These projects follow "search and report" cycles which involve the students in first finding information about some specific topics, and later reporting on the topics. Details will be provided on three different "search and report" projects. Short video clips will be shown of the students delivering oral presentations on the results of their projects.
(3) Internet-based Resources
There is an increasing number of Internet sites either targeted directly at EFL students or suitable for EFL students. In this part of the workshop, the presenter will highlight some of the Internet sites which his students have found to be useful, fun or simply interesting. This will include English "quiz" activity sites, as well as places where students have had good luck in finding key-pals (e-mail pen pals). Participants in the workshop will visit these sites and do some of the activities to get an idea of how their students would respond to these sites.

We will conclude the workshop with an opportunity for a question and
answer session on using the Internet with English language students.

What's not included?
This workshop is based on the presenter's three years of experience in teaching an Internet course which covers a single academic year. The instructor's situation may be very different from your own; his students (females age 18-19) meet in an Internet-connected computer lab for 5 hours a week. As a result, a lot of what the presenter does in his classes will not be included. For example, e-mail will most likely not be discussed in detail, and chat sites will most likely not be demonstrated. Also, teachers without Internet access at home or school will not find answers on how to connect to the Internet. However, if you have ever used or wanted to use the Internet with your students, then this workshop should provide you with plenty of ideas and resources.

Bill Pellowe has been teaching in Japan since 1990. He received his MA in TEFL with distinction from the University of Birmingham. He is the chapter president of Fukuoka JALT.

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